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Twisting all the bad things into good

Sep 27, 2011


Sometimes, a Facebook status is just not enough. They need to be kept relatively short. Most people just do not like to read. This reinforces my idea that most people just do not like to think. Let's face it, most people are idiots. I'm an idiot sometimes. Other times, I have moments of inspiration that would not be out of place in the mind of some brilliant writer of books or screenplays who had not been handicapped by the scourge of laziness. Maybe that's just another part of being an idiot, thinking you are smarter than you really are. You are convinced that there is a greater version of  yourself lurking inside who could manifest itself at any time and undoubtedly will before it is too late. Whatever you may choose to call it,  there is something inside saying,"You can do better, you can be so much more than you are today." Something that screams out unbearable things like "wasted talent" and "untapped potential" and worst of all, "what could have been?" Things that will haunt you more than any movie you will ever see and more than any book you will ever read.  These are the kind of things I hear. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm crazy.