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Twisting all the bad things into good

Oct 15, 2011

READER REVIEWS: Chapters 1-8

Positive Feedback and Constructive Criticism

 Let me start off by saying there is seriously something wrong with you. - Glenn                             
 Some day you will be a famous writer. - Kelly
Hey, in your first blog you say sleeping like "rumplestiltskin". I think you mean "Rip Van Winkle. - Matt

I'm not sure if I should feel guilty that I'm enjoying reading about your downward spiral. -Andrea

I get so much pleasure reading about your pain. - Jen

Just want to say sorry for giving you my left over pain Meds - Anonymous

At first I was like, " whoa man", but it's like a book you can't put down. It's frickin phenomenal, seriously. Captivating, sad, hilarious, and moving stuff! - JJ

Your words move me. I laughed with your wit, but I was so sad with all the shit you went through. Your courage for writing this, you deserve a happy ending and I should be buying your new york times best seller. You are amazing. - C.

I read it. It was nonsense. - Joe M.

While your writing is cathartic to you. You might actually help some people out of a tough situation too. - Ali

I am so happy you are writing - about real life... its therapeutic ...and inspirational.Thank you. - Chloe

Well, I read it. You definitely have some father-son issues. -Joe (my therapist)

I am enjoying it. Def good therapy. Makes me forget about my problems for a minute. -Beth

WOW. Very brave. What great writing. -Sandi

So brave - Christin

introspection w/o shame...that takes balls... - James

Very ballsy! - Taryn

Someday there will be a bronze statue of you.
This definitely takes courage to write about. I dig it!!!!!! Big cajones! - Michelle

Some amazing stuff -you are lucky to be alive. You know you help people when you open up like that. It takes incredible courage. - Michael

I don't know what to say...other than impressive! The honesty is more than most could even consider doing. I'm hooked! -January T.

Pretty freaking good man. I don't know if I'd be that honest on a public forum though... - Dave

I've started reading it. I am intrigued but sleepy. - Beth

I am very impressed. Love the style - very gripping and has me thinking... is that really true? Did that really happen to him? - Lori

Reading it just now floored me. I get lost on the psychoactive Criss Angel stuff - but this one about the feds and everything - heavy and captivating - Marsh

You made me cry (and laugh) -Susanna

Made me laugh harder than some-e-cards and stimulated my senses more than a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Well done, JMac! Bravo!!!!! - Karen W.

I'm kind of addicted. You are effin hillarious. - Kristen

Very, very funny. Funerals and pedophilia though? I think if you're going to make it more than a five minute read - you should have (clearer) point. come up with a format. - Marshall C.

You don't seem to mind sentence fragments. Perhaps it's just punctuation that needs a slight shift or edit. Or... OR... perhaps I'm just OCD. - Kate

Well, first let me applaud your new choice of photo. I like it better. And I love the black and white pic at the very top with the brick background. I think that's frickin' perfect. Now, as for the writing... I liked the first post, but honestly felt that it rambled a bit and wasn't quite witty enough to warrant a blog following. - Lori

I will follow you and all your craziness.... :) - Brenda

Can't wait for more bro. Amazing stuff!Brother, I can't believe the life you were living man. - Alex

WOW... That one was intense. I am glad I'm not the only one waiting impatiently for the next entry - Jennifer

Stop blogging and go to bed. You have to get up in the morning. - Mom

I think 'followin' your heart, regardless of the outcome, can't be wrong. Uh, unless your heart tells you to kill someone...that's another story...where you need a new heart.  -Jeff

Jeff won't leave me alone about reading your blog!!! he's driving me crazy. every day he asks if i have read it yet. guess i should start now....-Kimmy

You have a blog now? About what? - Lyssa A.

Did you say twins? -Chuck


I'll never do drugs again.     - Charlie Sheen

What's with all the crying?

Just because it happened to you, doesn't make it interesting, dick head!

You made me laugh. You made me cry. You made me want to blow my fucking head off!

 Rip Van Winkle was the one who slept for all those years, not Rumplestiltskin. Dumb ass.

I wanted to see what all the lack of hype was about. Now I understand.

 Addiction and mental illness. Hilarious.

I only laughed during the times when he cried, which was often. What a little bitch.

Let me save you alot of time. He's depressed, he cries, he's an addict, he cries some more, he starts hallucinating, so then he...well, you get the picture. Basically he's a big pussy. The end.

Great job of cock  blogging yourself. Hope the whole exposing your soul thing was worth never getting laid again.

I felt like I was reading the autobiography of some child actor who peaked when he was 10.

With the length of  your blog entries, this thing better have a good ending, preferably one that includes your lobotomy.

 I feel sorry for his parents.         -Casey Anthony

 Both of my parents died when I was 8. I was a full on alcoholic by the age of 11 which resulted in my liver transplant at 13.  By 15 I was a heroin addict and had turned to prostitution in order to support my 7 year old son. I spent the next 18 years as a homeless junkie whore until I got clean, but do you see me blogging about it?  Poor baby, why don't you go cry about it? Oh, I forgot, you did. Over and over..

After reading this, I threw out every pill in my medicine cabinet, even  aspirin and vitamins.

Thank God this sick fuck didn't have a gun permit.

I couldn't help but cry sometimes. Not nearly as often as you cried, but sometimes.

I would usually never advocate suicide, but...

I'm hoping he dies in the end and they just hired a ghost writer to finish it.

Rumplefuckinstiltskin? LMFAO! Wow.

Did you say that you didn't get laid once in over a year?

PLEASE tell me you end up doing something dumb enough so you can tell us you're writing this from prison.

Seriously? Not once? In a year? As in 12 months? LOL!

After reading your story, I promised myself and God that I would never take any kind of painkiller ever again. Too bad I have to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday. Great timing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Belushi, Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, that guy from Sublime. All dead . But this  no talent douchebag still walks the Earth? There is no God.

If you say you put a penis in your mouth for a percocet, I'm unsubscribing.

I'm just getting caught up with your blog. Really fascinating stuff. I admire your courage, but did I read that you didn't have sex in over a year? How could you not have sex in over a year, even by accident?

If this is all some drawn out ploy to show how you ended up getting clean and finding Jesus, I will find you, and I will crucify you.

I've been following your blog. I don't know if you remember me, I offered you half of a vicotin for a blow job, but it was really just a tic tac. Sorry about that :(

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