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Dec 1, 2011

Fucket List


There's no mystery about it, no more room for fairy tales; if you've lived this long, it's because you've squashed any poetry you had in you.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Fuck Philly
Fuck Florida
Fuck my old life
Fuck this new life
Fuck finding new jobs
Fuck meeting new pals
Fuck missing old friends
Fuck Monday night's game
Fuck Tuesday night's crowd
Fuck drinks on Wednesdays
Fuck staying in on Thursdays
Fuck going to the city on Friday
Fuck having no girl on Saturdays
Fuck hearing her say Sunday funday
Fuck dealing with her loud girlfriends
Fuck getting to know their boyfriends
Fuck ex-girlfriends with new boyfriends
Fuck putting up a facade on the first date
Fuck girls who never screw on the first date
Fuck girls who always screw on the first date
Fuck the mixed signals that they send
Fuck the mixed drinks that they stir
Fuck their mixed emotions
Fuck my mixed reviews
Fuck my critics
Fuck histrionics
Fuck melodrama
Fuck writing fiction
Fuck writing honestly
Fuck showing vulnerability
Fuck exposing hypocrisy
Fuck being introspective
Fuck being compulsive
Fuck being obsessive
Fuck being sensitive
Fuck being in pain
Fuck painkillers
Fuck pill mills
Fuck xanax
Fuck roxys
Fuck oxys
Fuck meds
Fuck ADs
Fuck DTs
Fuck alcohol
Fuck going to bars
Fuck going to my gym
Fuck going to my therapy
Fuck going to such extremes
Fuck writing for 20 hours straight
Fuck not having enough time to write
Fuck writing my wrongs for anyone to read
Fuck everyone who will never read my writing
Fuck writing as some form of personal catharsis
Fuck mental health
Fuck physical health
Fuck not eating healthy
Fuck cutting down on carbs
Fucking counting grams of protein
Fuck snorting grams of coke
Fuck living clean
Fuck dirty words
Fuck my big mouth
Fuck keeping a secret
Fuck keeping up my blog
Fuck writing every day
Fuck writing all night
Fuck all or nothing
Fuck sink or swim
Fuck feast or famine
Fuck hot or cold
Fuck what's hot and what's not
Fuck fortune and fame
Fuck celebrity
Fuck Twitter
Fuck Facebook
Fuck saving face
Fuck saving whales
Fuck talk about charity
Fuck talking about myself
Fuck writing about my past
Fuck trying to change my past
Fuck trying to predict my future
Fuck trying to live in this moment
Fuck ever living life as I'd imagined
Fuck ever getting my book published
Fuck writing bad poetry with bad words
Fuck writing what I don't need in life today
Fuck forgetting what destroyed me yesterday
Fuck cursing things that may save me tomorrow

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